Who are we? Why do we do what we do?

Who We Are

We are a snarky, sassy, funny, inspirational, motivational and patriotic brand of apparel, drinkware, home accents and accessories.

Our Mission

(We aren't just a pretty face and a good time, lol.  We have a mission! )

Our mission is to spread the power of laughter, inspiration, bold expression, awareness, gratitude, and patriotism. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire people to live life authentically.

We can’t solve your problems, but we can help you laugh about them, bring a smile to your face or be an encouraging word.

We bring fun and lightheartedness, sarcasm and snark, encouragement and optimism, to items you use and wear everyday! And who doesn't want that?? 

The Wise Jester was born out of a fluency of sarcasm, a love for making people laugh and the general desire to spread happiness, joy and inspiration to people far and wide. 

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Meet The Wise(ass) Jesters 

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Tara and Eric are the, um... masterminds, behind The Wise Jester! They feel that human beings are not simply “one size fits all”.  

They are a husband and wife team that decided in 2019 to put their talents together, think outside the box, quit the 9-to-5 and live by their own rules. 

Well, Tara has always lived by her own rules. With her head in the clouds and a sarcastic quip on her tongue, she faces the world with courage and optimism. Tara has been an entrepreneur for many, many years; artist since birth (you should see some of her early work in Crayola, lol) and a graphic designer for over 25 years. Tara has the mouth of a sailor, a twisted sense of humor, a very quick wit and a sunny disposition, always looking on the bright side! She has the uncanny knack of making herself laugh and finds humor in everything in life. Like really, everything. Do not slip and fall in front of her. She will not be able to help you until she is finished laughing. And has probably peed her pants during that process. 

Eric, having been a suit-wearing, corporate guy for 20 years, dealing with too much bullsh*t for too long, decided to unleash his inner beast, live his full potential and team up with his crazy wife to build a life that they truly love. Gone are the suits and the long commutes. Hello to freedom and days filled with working side-by-side with his lovely wife. Boy. He sure is lucky. Eric has a sense of humor that ranges from a bit risqué to really bad dad jokes, is sometimes the bumbling husband and the butt of Tara’s jokes. And has the kindest heart of any guy around. But lord, you should hear the curse words that come out of HIS mouth. No, really...you should hear them, because he makes them up and no one really knows what the hell he is saying!

Together, in their matching sweats and armed with his and hers coffee mugs, they make a perfect team. And together, they are dedicated to making The Wise Jester the perfect store for you! Whether you need a gift for someone else, or a little pick-me-up for yourself, Tara and Eric are determined to bring you only the best! 

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Our Company Promise to You

All of our products are designed and created by our team of talented, funny, snarky, sarcastic, patriotic, inspirational designers. Rather than being mass-produced like you get from most other retailers, your Wise Jester order is custom-made individually (and personalized when requested) and manufactured on demand.

All of our products are manufactured and shipped through carefully selected third party companies. We utilize a few different printing companies to offer you the widest selection and best quality products and service at a fair price. 

We proudly design and create all products ourselves, and all products are shipped from the USA.

We want YOU to ALWAYS be 100% happy with your order and service, and to shop with total confidence! We offer you our HAPPINESS GUARANTEE! You may request a refund or exchange for ANY reason within 30 days from date of delivery along with FREE RETURN SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS and NO restocking fees!!!