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2022 Holiday Order Deadlines

All Apparel-December 12
Mugs- December 12
Canvas Prints- December 9
Tote Bags- December 7


Please Remember: These are suggested order submission deadlines so that orders are more likely to be delivered by December 24. Due to the global economic uncertainty (shipping carriers experiencing operational problems, complications related to COVID-19, etc.), some orders may be delayed beyond these projections.


The Wise Jester DOES NOT guarantee or promise any delivery by Dec. 24th. Unfortunately, we have no control over production time or shipping time.  We will do our best, but we aren't Santa! No, seriously, we will do everything in our power to make sure your orders arrive on time. We will stay up-to-date with production and shipping times from our printers, update you of any status changes, etc. We may not be Santa, but we will be his hard-working little elves for you!! Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season. 

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