Jester Rewards

What are Jester Rewards and how can you get them? 


You first need to become a site member! That’s super easy and you will automatically get 10% off your entire first order. Just click on Log In/RegisterOnce you are a site member, you are privy to ALL kinds of perks! 

Now, back to the Jester Rewards and Jester Points!

You earn Jester Points in the following ways:

  • Like us on Facebook- 20 Jester Points

  • Share us on Facebook- 20 Jester Points

  • Follow us on Instagram- 20 Jester Points

  • We also really like to celebrate YOU, so on your birthday, you will receive 200 Jester Points!

You will also receive Jester Points EVERY TIME you place an order.


How do Jester Points work? Well, for every dollar you spend, you get 1 Jester Point. 20 Jester Points equals one dollar. For example, get 100 Jester Points and you will get $5 off your order. There is no limit on how many Jester Points you can accumulate. 


We also want to thank you for any friends you send our way. If you refer a friend and they shop at our store, you and your friend both get a $5 discount code to use on anything in the store!

You can check your points anytime by logging in to your Wise Jester account and clicking on the purple icon in the lower-left corner.