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Unprecedented attacks on our freedoms require your unprecedented expressions of patriotism & advocacy.

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My Rights Don't End Where Your Feelings

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Help support the Missouri Stands Up! movement. Our mission is to file a lawsuit to end Governor Parson's State of Emergency which supports all the lockdown and mask mandates, EDUCATE Missourians and all Americans on the reality of COVID-19, while we HONOR our

Constitutional Rights in the process.


When you purchase any of our Missouri Stands Up! products, you are directly supporting this grassroots organization. We are courageous and concerned freedom-loving citizens of Missouri. Missouri Stands Up! is fighting for those that value liberty and want public policy that is grounded on facts, not fear. We must come together to stop dangerous and harmful government overreach founded on fraudulent scientific claims. Show your support. Wear Missouri Stands Up! Gear.


100% of the profits go directly to the organization to continue funding the legal action as well as educating the public. 

Missouri has had enough!!! Stand up. Stand Together! 

Join the Movement www.MissouriStandsUp.org