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A Word from Soda Pharm-

Can you imagine any more overreach than a government that wants to tell us what to inject into our bodies? We couldn’t… but then we discovered that they’ve also written it into law that we cannot “mitigate” any symptom, illness or disease state. If grandma tells you her chicken soup will make you feel better, she’s busted!


Mitigate - To make less severe, serious, or painful.


After our experience being convicted of this crime here at Soda Pharm Life, we are pushing back. We believe that the desire to mitigate suffering within our communities is desperately needed and the drive and means to do so must be preserved at all costs. We are proud to MITIGATE and with the help of The Wise Jester we decided to rebel against this anti-human governmental overreach - re-claiming the title they are using to prosecute and turning it into a movement.


Come learn the skills it takes to mitigate for yourself, your family and your community with us at sodapharmlife.com! Join us and tell the world that you too are a Mitigator, and wear the evidence of your compassion for all to see!